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Liana Galardi-Murgola

Owner & Stylist

People have asked “why ‘Be Brilliant’”? The name was inspired from my late grandmother’s maiden name - Beatrice Brilliant. I’ve always loved her name, and the idea of honoring her - and all of those from generations past - through a business or project.

My grandmother, Beatrice or “Bea,” was a strong woman, and a seamstress. Sadly she became a widow shortly after giving birth to my mom, and she worked and raised my mom and aunt all on her own. Growing up she made me and my sister clothing and costumes, most memorably, a gorgeous yellow “Belle” costume when I was 5 or 6 years old and still living in Bay Ridge, BK. I still have a purple floral circle skirt that she made me - even though it’s far from fitting, it’s one thing I’ll always keep, and hopefully pass down to my nieces and daughter.

So aside from the fact that “Be Brilliant” is a perfect affirmation, as I am committed to my clients being their most empowered, radiant, brilliant selves through working together, it also happens to be a perfect way to honor and celebrate my grandmothers life, and remember the generations before ours, that brought us here today.


Now, in case you’re wondering, here’s a little more about me and my background:

Since starting out on my own in 2015, I have styled and consulted with hundreds of personal clients from all walks of life and worked with dozens of fashion and lifestyle media companies. I am trained in Image Consulting, Fashion Styling, and Design through the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and Accademia Italiana in Florence, Italy. I have a BA in Psychology and Fine Art from the George Washington University. I love being able to use my well-rounded experience to provide a unique experience for my clients that brings my love of fashion and connecting with people together.   


I have over 10 years of combined experience in personal styling, image consulting, fashion styling and organizing. 

I grew a large book of personal styling clients while working at Nordstrom over the course of over 2 years.

I’ve also worked backstage styling and supervising teams at more than 15 New York Fashion Weeks. On the whole side of the industry I’ve run and styled Fashion Market Weeks across North America including in NY, Boston, Chicago, and Las Vegas. I’ve also styled lookbooks, videos, and editorial projects for major fashion houses and publications.